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The product description

【Chinese name】:银杏内酯B
【Name】: Ginkgolide B
【Molecular formula】: C20H24O10
【Molecular weight】: 424.40
【CAS number】: 15291-77-7
【Properties】: white and acicular crystal
【Grade of Purity】: 97.89%
【Store】: Extraction of Ginkgo leaf
【Pharmacological action】: The Ginkgolide B is the most active physiologically in all kinds of Ginkgolide and is the strongest platelet-activating factor antagonist ever found. It not only can be used for the treatment of thrombosis, acute pancreatitis, cardiovascular disease, metastatic cancer of the damaged neurons in the clinical, but also have a protective effect of  anti-oxidation and anti-aging. The single component injection of Ginkgolides B has a clear ingredient, significant effect and safety, and it is the rare new intravenous injection of TCM in recent years with high acceptance in the market. The indication of Ginkgolide B injection is ischemic stroke .
【Storage】: store at room temperature, keep product away from light

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